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Manage Your PS4 Storage Space with these Essential Tips

A lot depends on the model that you buy, both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro come with either 1TB or 500GB of inbuilt storage. At first, you would think that’s a lot of storage space but the moment you have the operating system, downloadable content and game install factored in, storage space is exhausted quickly – and that’s without you saving files, videos, and screenshots. Fortunately, there are different means with which you can expand and manage the PS4 storage, irrespective of the model you have, so you have no reason to miss out on a PlayStation 4 game because you don’t have space for it. Below are some of the ways that you can manage your hard drive and at the same time expand the storage on your PS4.

Delete files and games
Right before you begin to spend your hard earned money on upgrading the hardware, it is worth figuring out if you can clear some space on your hard drive. Firstly, head to the settings, and then to the systems storage management, in order to see how your hard drive is being used – videos, screenshots, games, and other applications, themes or save files.

Games most especially take up more space on your hard drive, you’ll be surprised how those 50GB installs add up in little time. What that also means is that they are the easiest and the quickest ways to save some space. If there are games that you will not be playing any soon, it is best that you delete them from your console and save space for new titles – you can install them again if you want to enjoy them, either from the disc or directly from the PlayStation store if it was one of those digital titles.

If you want to see the games that you taking more space on your hard drive, head over to the application section of the system storage management. At that point, you will come across a list of all the application and games that you have on your PlayStation 4, along with additional information on the space they are taking up.

When you want to delete something on your hard drive, use the options button that you have on your controller. You will come across a checkbox that is next to every entry you have on the list, select the games that you feel needs to be uninstalled and proceed with delete.

Delete videos, screenshots, and themes
If you have successfully uninstalled some old games and you are still interested in making additional space, you could delete some videos, screenshots, or themes too.

It is a very similar process. Head over to settings and then systems storage management, just as we did earlier. Then head to either themes or the capture gallery section, it depends on what you intend on clearing out.

Videos and screenshots are categorized by games and you choose to either delete individual videos or screenshots or perhaps you can delete all the fines that are linked to a particular game. You will also find one option – copy to USB storage device, just in case you want to have a copy of the file saved somewhere else before you get rid of it on your console.

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