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How To Determine The Best Electric Tea Kettle In The Online Database?

The online database is massive, yet protected in a way that it prevents abuse from unauthorized access. In this manner, people search for the best of the best, and one of them is finding the best electric tea kettle in the market. The best can only be defined by the person buying them, so it is best that you go over this article to see which of the electric kettle in the market resonates with you in making tea in your home.

Total capacity

First, you need to determine the electric kettle’s total capacity. Generally, the electric kettles in the market are available in different capacities, starting from 1 liter up to 2. Most kettles available are at the 1.5 liter capacity mark, which is a good enough capacity for a household of two or more.

For those that prefer to boil water to serve up to 2 cups of coffee or tea, the 1 liter capacity model will be enough. But if you want to serve for a group of friends or you want to prepare some soup, you will need a bigger capacity for it as it is more convenient to serve guests.

Duration to boil water

Aside from capacity, you also want to find out how fast the electric kettle can boil. This is the reason why customers are looking for the electric kettle – they want their water go hot in just less than 5 minutes. There are those that can take less than 3 minutes.

One tip you need to keep in mind: some models tend to get a scale build-up, thus reducing the time it takes to boil the water. You might find suggestions on how to minimize the scale build-up.


This is a handy feature that you’d want to see from your electric kettle. Not all electric kettles have the keep-warm option – which keeps the water warm even after boiling is done. It doesn’t keep it warm all the time. It has a duration for 30 to 1 hour, depending on the model. This is a very convenient option especially if you are drinking tea and want to refill your cup with another.

Does it have boil dry protection or auto-shutoff?

You should consider this feature very carefully as this pertains to user safety. Some models make claim that they have this feature, when in fact the feature doesn’t work as it supposed to be. If the feature they claim to have doesn’t work, just expect a huge fire hazard when the user forgets to plug or shut off the kettle for longer periods of time.

Is it cordless or detachable?

Many users are annoyed of the fact that the cord always gets int he way when the pour the water out of the kettle. Which is why cordless models are introduced in the market and are mostly preferred. Even the ones with detachable cords are highly sought after, too. Added to that, most of the new models come with a separate base, thus allowing the user to take the kettle away without the interference of the cord.

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