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How Hiring Move Out Cleaners Is The Best Option

One of the inconveniences that homeowners go through when they move out is cleaning the whole place in order to make it ready for the next renter to move in. Also, not cleaning the place you’ve rented can cost you your security deposit. You might never get it back.

So here’s a suggestion: hire the best move out cleaning in Edmonton. They may cost something when you hire their services, but you avoid the hassle of cleaning up an entire home that may or may not have your landlord’s attention and just give your security deposit.

Get your home assessed first

Before you call on the cleaning companies to get their quotes, you have to assess your own home first. This should include the trouble spots that might need some elbow grease. For example, the oven’s inside or the behind the fridge. Make a list of these trouble spots and make sure that you know its square footage. Make sure that you are aware of what the landlord will look for. Some landlords are very meticulous in checking out places – they check the inside of the fridge, living rooms and toilets to make sure that they are all clean. If you have in your hands the lease or rental agreement, ensure if there are any stipulations specified so as to assure that you can get back your damage deposit.

Conduct research

Now at this point you already know what should be cleaned after you have moved out. You will need to do your research on looking for companies that are similar to hiring and researching movers. You can start looking at the BBB official site or you can ask your family or friends for any suggestions. At least gather 3 to 5 companies and call each of them for quotes.

Set your moving schedule

At this point, not only are you going to set a schedule, you also need to see where you are going to move. If you are transferring to another place in the same city or when the mover can’t take you too far from where you used to live, it’s best that you arrange the move-out date so that you get extra days left for the old lease. This will give you room to move out of the old home before the cleaning company arrives and do their thing.

If you are to move in to a new home that is very far from where your old residence it, there is a need to hire cleaners before the day you actually move out. When this does happen, try to organize all the packed boxes at the center of the room. Take out the contents from the freezer and fridge and make sure that you have provided access to the cleaners in any of the problem areas. Let the company know that you have already packed up your things before you hire them so that the cleaning team will know what they should expect.

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