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Guide To Choosing Flowers For Women From The Database

Men will do anything to make their significant other happy. When it comes to doing so, the most common item that they’d give to their woman is flowers. Usually it is presented in a flower bokeh, even if the practice is already old and classic. Some may find it corny, but it has stood the test of time that one of the ways to a woman’s heart is by giving her flowers.

Men that are already used to giving gifts to women may find choosing flowers a piece of cake. But if you are new in the field of romance and want to put it up on a whole new level, there are a few steps that you need to make, especially if you wish to pick flowers that mean more for the person that will receive them.

When’s the best time to buy flowers for her?

The best timing is random. There is no definite time for you to give her flowers. If you wish to give her out of making her special even if there’s nothing to celebrate about, all the better. Nothing can make her day when she receives an unsolicited act of love. And it can be difficult to top the flowers when it comes to spontaneity. No need for other reasons. Even the thought of buying flowers because you are reminded of them is enough to make women happy. You can also throw in some chocolates, beer or wine.

What other flowers are better than roses?

Roses are so common, right? But they are still a classic. But if you want to buy something different that will make her heart skip a beat, here are some suggestions:


If you want to add variety, color and heartiness into your piece without selling a single piece of your soul. But experts advise against buying these when you don’t know the person really well. This is because in certain places in Europe, Chrysanthemum is the flower of death. However, if you have cleared that obstacle, this is one amazing flower to give your significant other. They come in variety of colors, sizes, shapes and the best is that they are not carnations.


Lilies have a very good reputation for a flower that stays alive. Many women love the smell of a blooming lily because to them it is divine. Even if some parts of the flowers are cut, the buds right near the cut part will still bloom. So through time, you get to cut away on the dead parts at the same time the buds will still bloom into fresh flowers. However, you should avoid bringing lilies to your woman’s home if she has a pet cat. Lilies are highly toxic for the kittens. If your woman has a pet dog or cat, you might want to do some research first on which flowers are bad for them. You do not want your romantic flower giving to turn into an emergency.

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