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Four Easy Steps to Effective Social Media Marketing

Believe it or not, social media is here to stay. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, if you are not utilizing a social media marketing service provider like for growing your business, there is no doubt that you are missing out. You must have stumbled on the statistics. In 2015, about 70% of Americans had a social network account, thus representing a 5 percent growth when compared to days of the previous year. Numbers they say do not like. Globally, social media is seen as a way of life.

Below you will find I’ve made a list of my simple 4-step process to develop a strategy for marketing on social media.

1. Identify Your Goals
There is a mission for every company. There should be a mission statement for your company’s mission. For whatever mission drives you, there must be a goal. What is the end goal or positive outcome that you are interested in achieving? You may be interested in getting speaking gigs, you may want to be internet famous, you may want to promote a training program or book or you may just want more clients. Whichever relates best with you, it is important that you document your goals and ensure that you do the same for the logic behind the goals. When you have an understanding of where you are heading to and how you plan to get there, devising a route and plan will not be an issue, it will be more like a walk in the park compared to someone who is literally in the dark with respect to their goals.

2. Get Brand Clarity
Before you put your brand out there, it is important that you are clear about everything. Provide honest answers to the following questions – Who do you help? What do you do? What do you want to be famous for? The minute you can articulate the answers to the following questions clearly, then you are prepared to communicate this in Front of anyone or on social media. It is vital that you are able to succinctly and clearly say in one sentence all that you are about and a description of your business model in a way that is sensible.

3. Master the Art of Pull Marketing
It is important you are aware of the fact that pull marketing is about the attraction of clients. What you have a core message created with a powerful call to action statements, you are most definitely setting the stage to attract people in your target audience qualify by themselves and respond with, ‘i need that” or “me too” or perhaps “where can I learn more?” Your primary objective is having ideal prospects that reflect in your business model.

4. Connect and Build Relationships
You need to have a trusted relationship if you want to sell anything to just about anyone. This concept applies online too. You need to converse, connect and engage with people on the internet before they can trust you or what you stand for. One of the best means with which you can engage with people is by utilizing the group features in social media platforms like LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook. These group will help you in conversing and having an electronic conversation with different people and at the same time give a demonstration of your expertise. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram allow the use of hashtags.

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