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Choosing the Best Guitar Loop Pedal for Your Needs

Over the past few years, loop pedals gave exploded on to the music scene. A host of big names fuelled loop pedals by incorporating them into their lives setups. They are creatively exciting tools that have given a new image to performance and practice for guitarists. Artists like KT Tunstall and Ed Sheeran showed and they keep on showing what can be done using the Best Guitar pedal, that giving the singer-songwriters a new frontier to explore with their music.

It is important you are aware of the fact that the capabilities of modern loop pedals vary. You will find at one end of the scale that they easy, ultra-simple to use one button Loopers which help in recording what you play and then repeating it. After that, you then build up the sounds by layering extra playing over the top. At the other end of the scale, you will find Loopers with multiple engines, with each in sync or operating independently, allowing the different instrument to be incorporated into one performance. You will also find more esoteric Loopers with special features, designed to meet the needs of the creative tone-mangler than for the solo artist in their bedroom

If perchance you ever thought about dipping your toe into the world of looping but you keep wondering where you need to start, fortunately, this article is for you. There are lots of variations and models in the market, each having their own weaknesses and strength, so we have invested time to come up with the best two to assist you in making a decision.


This looper pedal has been in the market for less than three years, but ever since it came into the matter it has been offering musicians something different. Shorn of additional widgets and frippery, the Rowin LEF-332 looper is nothing complex. It features a footswitch that aids in controlling all the functionality, and a single knob to help in controlling the volume of the loops recorded. The Rowin LEF-332 looper is physically tiny, meaning that it could possibly find it’s way on any pedalboard with being a problem. The Rowin LEF-332 looper has been very successful with lots of musicians and guitarists that needed something very easy to use, and it is very much affordable to tempt lots of people into giving looping a chance for the first time.


In conclusion, those with lots of experience, who want a variety of option to make a choice from, there is the Electronic Harmonix 720 looper. Its structure is more like a tank like a box and it offers advanced level looping functionality, and in the hands of a professional, it will do wonders. One very useful feature solo artist get to benefit from this looper is the reverse, undo-redo, and half speed effects that you can easily add to the mix. When you touch a button you have the ability to transform a guitar line to ambient guitar line, modify the vocals to half speed chants and change it using the popless switch. To change a bank up and down, you can add optional 3-button foot controller, or you can undo-redo whatever you played on the independent Channels. It is important you are aware of the fact that the 24-bit, 44.1kHz recording quality sees to it that the audio sound awesome and uncompressed.

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