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Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews: Tips for Finding the Best Pickleball Paddle

You have to consider several factors before purchasing a paddle and the factors depend either on the paddle or on the player attributes. Before you purchase a Pickleball Paddle, you will need to find out the exact things you want by reading some of the best pickleball paddle reviews. Do you want something bulky that delivers at a rapid state or lightweight and provides support? Do you intend to consider the sound that the paddle makes when the pickleball is hit? These are several factors you need to consider before you start hunting for a paddle. If you have considered these factors and asked a few questions, we can now talk about the actual paddles.

Majority of paddles have a weight that ranges between 6.8 ounces to around 14 ounces. For lighter paddle, they are easy to maneuver, but there is a tendency that you will experience a vibration in your elbow and arm because there is just little mass difference between you and the ball.

A heavy paddle helps you to deliver strong whacks, but it is quite difficult to control a heavier paddle, and you need to be extremely careful on softer shots.

How do you make your decision? If you play tennis regularly, you might be familiar with the heavy weight of the paddle when placed on your hands, but as a beginner, I suggest that you attempt a medium weight paddle until you master it.

Paddles have different lengths, some prefer to have a shorter handle for a longer breadth and width, but we also have some paddles with thin and longer length.

This delivers a nice whipping motion, but you are expected to be more accurate when taking a shot.

The benefits of a long paddle are that you have more access to take a strike and you can do this with enough speed, but the disadvantage is that it is quite difficult to maneuver and it feels bulkier and heavier.

These factors imply that you are not mandated to understand how to manage a longer paddle.

Power vs. Control:
Fiber-glass and Graphite paddles will offer you a little more acceleration on your moves, but that implies that you will have lesser control over the ball.

If you intend to master how to use the dinking strategy, then I advise that you should opt for control over power, but if you intend to opt for a more forceful swing, then you should be aiming for power.

I advise that you should read some of the best pickleball paddle reviews then practice with numerous varieties of paddles before making your decision since we all have different attributes and skills, and what might work for one person might not be effective for another person.

Use your normal grip to test the paddles, and if it offers a superb comfort then it implies that you have a good paddle.

Testing of your grip can be carried out in diverse ways, and if the height test doesn’t suit you, then I suggest that you use the numerous varieties of tests available for you. As stated earlier, it is highly recommended that you peruse some of the best pickleball paddle reviews and make sure that you follow the guidelines highlighted in these reviews.

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