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A Look at the Best Vlogging Camera for Professionals

Do you know that you can use any camera that shoots video to create a vlog? (The full meaning of vlog is a video blog; we assume that you already know that). However, there are specific features that make the best vlogging camera stand out as one of the Expnet – best vlogging cameras and perfectly suited for the task – same also applies for cameras that do not offer good image quality and excellent performance.

If you are a professional vlogger, I am sure you already know about the features that are important and which you could easily overlook, but if you are a novice that is just starting out, I suggest that you consider certain requirements of your blog. Is it a daily journal? A travel blog? Where will you shoot the video? Indoor or outdoor?

Panasonic Lumix GH5 – Best Vlogging Camera for Professionals
The features of this device include; internal five-axis image stabilization, high-bitrate 4K video capture and a 20.3-megapixel Micro Four Thirds, the Panasonic GH5 is categorized as a quality video camera that is dominant in the marketplace (not to mention, a very powerful still camera, as well). But although these features are so essential to vloggers, the unique feature of GH5 that makes it stand out on this list is the unavailability of a recording time limit. While many cameras limit the usage of individual video clip lengths, this device enables you to record for a lengthy period until the memory cards fill up or the device shuts down. Same also applies for memory cards with dual slots. For lengthy interviews or long-winded monologues, this proves to be of great benefit.

The GH5 also packs numerous features that are beneficial to vloggers, like a fully articulating monitor that allows you to watch yourself on screen, a headphone jack that allows you to check and monitor the quality of the sound and a microphone jack for incorporating a high-quality external microphone. The electronic viewfinder is also beneficial when shooting b-roll outdoors, which prevents sunlight from obstructing the LCD. In addition, the incorporation of weather sealed body into the device helps prevent rain or snow, assuming you are in possession of a weather resistant lens.

Overall, the GH5 is considered to be a versatile vlog production tools which dominate the marketplace today. That said, it falls within the category of professional device which is expensive and comes with a steep learning process. Due to these reasons, the camera is perfectly suited for experienced videographers or those who have enough time to learn.

Can’t You Simply Vlog With A Phone?
Of course. The fact is that many people use their phone to perform this task. A phone can conveniently be placed inside your pocket and easy to use and set up, thereby offering more accessibility to enjoy vlogging moments. And the best phones can effectively shoot video, with many being able to shoot at the rate of 4K — some at 60p. However, keep in mind that the front cameras used to take selfies are inferior compared to the back camera, and even though the microphone is capable of recording stereo, I strongly suggest that you opt for an external mic. That is the reason why you should consider all these features before making a decision.

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