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Why Should You Invest In Piermont Grand?

Township condominiums are considered as the hot topic of conversation among the buyers since they are affordable. In Singapore, Piermont Grand is offering a wide set of condominiums ranging from economic to luxury. These condominiums are situated closer to work offices and have a great community which is considered ideal for a working individual and families.

Why should you invest in this project?

To be specific, these condominiums are located in Punggol. The place is still under development phase thus it provides a great opportunity for those who want to invest in a property purchase. Moreover, the builders have planned to construct near about 820 residential condos which will provide you a good community. Another attractive aspect of this place is the promenade waterfront and complete digitization of the place. Thus, you will get a proud feeling.

The place further holds premium schools, gymnasiums, malls, healthcare facilities, recreational parks, broad roads, etc. which are constructed in the area of more than 27,000 meter squares. At present one of the best builders is constructing MRT closer to the Piermont thus you can catch trains at a walking distance from your condo. Builders are also planning to make a central library inside the township where you can sit back with your loved ones and can acquire a great deal of knowledge.

What are the few added advantages which you will cash in?

There is another plan under which constructors will construct a market village inside the township. Thus, you will get various retail shops and several dining facilities for residents. To make Piermont more prospective builders are also focusing to construct a heritage trail. The trail will link Punggol waterway and waterfront with each other. The trail will be ideal for those who prefer to spend some quality time while being close to nature.

Inside the township, you will also get the excellent facility of SAFRA club. The building will constitute a water playground and premium pre-schools for young ones. After the construction of the club, you will also get a chance to acquire the facility of spa club, yoga studio, bowling center, etc. If you like to do some brisk sporting activities then SAFRA club will also provide badminton court as well as a swimming pool facility.

Various flooring plans from which you can choose

Piermont is also offering several flooring plans for residents from which they can effectively choose the condo which is best suited for their needs and wants. Expert builders have undertaken great pains in delivering premium quality fixtures and finishing inside the condominiums which provide great comfort to an owner. These condominiums range from single to 5 bedroom condos which are ideal even for singles as well as for the joint family.

Final word

Condominiums of Piermont are developed at a quiet place in the city thus it is very effective for elderly and growing children. These condominiums are also equipped with latest locking systems and they will also be governed around the clock by CCTV cameras and security guards. Thus, you can provide great security to your loved ones even in your absence.

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