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What Is The Best Knife Sharpener In The World?

If you love knives, then you’d invest a lot of money just to get your hands on the best knife sharpener in the world. The best knife sharpener in the world will depend on the user. Some would say the Naniwa, while others will argue it is another. The name Naniwa keeps on popping up when it comes to the best knife sharpener, but it will still depend on how the user is comfortable with using the sharpener for knives.

Naniwa Super Stones

The Naniwa Supert Stones are made out of ceramic and come in different grits. In order to get a neat edge on the stones, you will likely want to get three or at least four stones that have progressive finer grits. Experts have tested these ceramic stones on 5000-grit, 220-grit and 2000-grit stones and have found that the progression has really worked well enough, but it could have been better if they have tested it out on 500- to 1000-grit range.

The Naniwa stones are considered the “splash-and-go” kind of stones, meaning that there is no need for you to soak the stones in order for you to sharpen your knives. All you need to do is just splash a little water on it and you can start sharpening your knives. With this said, soaking can still help, though, especially when you use on the finer grits, which are referred to as the “thirsty” stones and that needs frequent re-wetting. During the tests, there was no pore clogging, although users can still develop the considerable slurry when they sharpen it out with rougher stones.

Shapton Glass Stones

The Shapton Glass Stones are also similar with Naniwas, wherein you can just splash some water on the stones and you are good to go with sharpening them. But the Naniwa stones still need soaking if you want to get a good performance out of it, which with Shapton there is no need. They really are wet-and-go. The experts have already tested it out and tried it side by side with the Naniwas, and the Shapton Glass Stones are proven to just take some splash and you are ready to go with it. It even took less than the time in getting with the same sharpness as the Naniwas did when using the Shaptons.

Edge Pro Sharpening Set

This is the best knife sharpener in the world that you’d want to work with if you do not like practicing, like how the two of the best as stated above. This is perfect for those that do not want to learn the process of how to properly sharpen the knives because the Edge Pro Sharpening set reverses the process of sharpening. Rather than moving your knife right over the stone, you are to move the stone over your knife. The clamp that comes with the device will keep the knife in its place and all you need to do is swing it back and forth right over the edge of the blade.

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