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Imports of goods from China. Good or bad idea?

This is a question for many people who want to do business. The fact is that most of the goods you find on our market come from China. Why is this, everyone knows. China is cheap and offers relatively good quality goods. At one time, the inscription made in China on products was synonymous with poor quality, but today it is not the case anylonger.

Imports of Chinese goods may therefore seem to be an appropriate solution. It is true that you can buy cheap goods from China, but that’s probably the only advantage. Purchasing from China may also involve some risks, and it also has several disadvantages that you should consider before starting to trade with China.

The biggest risk in purchasing from China is the supplier’s choice. A lot of people have been afraid of sending the money to the “merchant” to China, because they have never seen their goods. Therefore, never buy goods from traders who are not verified and have no reputation.

The next thing that you will need to know is how the market of chinese imports works. The most reliable information regarding this aspect of importing good s from China is SourcingBro. You can visit the site and find out everything there is to know about this: taxes, shipping, insurances etc.

Many entrepreneurs who are interested in constantly importing, look for suppliers that can manufacture large volumes of production, quickly and at a competitive cost.

All these advantages can be found in China, a country that in recent years has managed to position itself as the most recognized producer in the world.  But is it really that good of an idea to import goods from China? In this article, you can understand all of the various implications that you may face if you choose to find a supplier based in China.

Like any subject, there are advantages and disadvantages of importing from China. This country is the number one supplier of virtually any manufactured product: cell phones, televisions, computers, bottles, etc. And we are going to find that in the world there is more and more demand for cheap products, it is increasingly difficult for a business to try to produce a product and when selling it, realize that the costs to which it was produced are too expensive, causing them to stay in the company. At this point is where the business opportunity to import from China enters.


One of the most obvious advantages is that the products are inexpensive. Many people, and surely you, believe that when importing you need an intermediary, which in this case would be the customs broker, who is in charge of the process, but the truth is that not all imports require one. For example, in small and medium imports it is not necessary to have a customs broker.

Another advantage is that it is not necessary to import in large quantities, you can import even from a unit or a dozen.


One of the main disadvantages is the time, commonly the delivery time is broad, minimum two weeks or even up to two months it takes to reach the American continent. And although importing in small quantities is possible, importing in large quantities requires a lot of capital.

Another problem is fraud, there are so many suppliers in China that many of them are dedicated to fraud. Either stealing money or giving you defective merchandise, these are but a few of the problems that you may face when sourcing from China.

There are risks to consider as an entrepreneur when importing from China, one of them is that many people believe that Chinese products are of poor quality, but let’s be honest: any product can have a defect come from where it comes, in this case, it will depend on the China supplier of your choice.

And finally the most common problem is customs, it is one of the main reasons why many people stop to import. Another truth is that it will always cause problems, however, there are many strategies to prevent your goods from stopping at customs. You also just have to find the right supplier based in China, so that you can also minimize risks. Often, it is your choice of a supplier that will ultimately determine whether or not you can get all of the advantages of sourcing your products from China.

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