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Guide to the Best Latex Mattress for Quality Sleep

It can be a very tricky task when you are looking for the best latex mattress. Right before you head out to shop, it is important that you take your gather as much information as you can, only the. Can you be sure to resist the misleading tactics and sales pressure that are some of the typical norms when you are shopping for a mattress?

It is vital that you understand that are different types of latex, and you need to have an idea is what you are in search of. Below is a brief list:

100 percent natural latex or all-natural latex is fashioned from the liquid sap that is harvested from the rubber tree. Owing to the fact that during harvest this sap is tapped from the bark of the tree, it does not pose any threat to the tree, which will go and produce more sap. Thus, all-natural latex is more like a renewable resource, if you are particular about having a bed that is environmentally friendly.

Synthetic latex, just as the name implies, is not gotten from any tree, however, it is manufactured in a chemical lab. Its technical name is styrene-butadiene rubber and it is a petroleum-based product. There is no doubt that the chemist did an excellent job of having the molecular structure of naturally occurring latex imitated. The feel and look of synthetic latex mattress are very much close to the naturally occurring latex.

Blended latex, as the name implies is very much a blend of SBR latest and rubber tree latex. This is the popular type of latex that is employed in manufacturing commercial mattresses. A percentage of people believe that this is the material to use because each type of the blends contributes something vital to the mattress. They believe that natural latex contributes to the softness, coolness and superior breathability. The synthetic version, on the other hand, lends more resilience, firmness, and durability.

Others, nonetheless, have some sort of disagree with that assessment. At one point in time, rubber tree latex lacked some kind of qualities if durability and flexibility and had the tendency of disintegrating and compacting with age. That is not true anymore, there have been many advancements in the manufacturing process. These days it is a question of the cost Involved. Synthetic blends and latex are cheap when compared with the rubber tree latex.

The standard ratio for synthetic to natural is about 40-60. This is because of the high percentage of rubber tree based latex, most manufacturers are fond of describing their mattresses as natural latex. It is important you have in mind that it’s not really natural. It is and will only be a blend. The question now is that – is the best latex mattress fashioned with 100 percent rubber tree sap? Most people say yes, and there are the others that completely disagree.

Synthetic blends or latex are capable of making a mattress that is super comfortable, with similar desirable qualities – among which include breathability, durability, and the special combination of firm, grounded support and bounciness – which is very much the special quality of latex. This is what makes it a delightful experience to sleep on the best latex mattress. Synthetic blends give you a good mattress for an affordable price.

However, if you interested in having a natural latex mattress and nothing else, the best option is the 100 percent rubber tree latex and you will be provided with what you want.

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