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Does Hair Growth Treatment Works?

Many people, especially among those who have reached mid 30s to 40s are worrying that their hair is thinning. While hair thinning is common or usually associated with men due to a part of their head getting bald, women are also affected by thinning hair. Majority of these people do not want to see their hair falling off and never to see them grow again, which is why they turn to hair growing products like the Profolix test.

What is Profolix?

Profolix is a hair growth treatment that is tested to make any person, man or woman, grow their hair back and at the same time slow down hair thinning. But the Profolix is not the only product that you’ll find that works well with growing your hair back. You’d want a variety and see which one of them are proven effective in growing back hair.


Aside from the Profolix, you’ll also see this particular medication for hair loss. However, unlike the former, the latter is the only OTC medication designed for hair loss approved by the Food and Drug Authority, open for use on both women and men. This is not like Profolix – it will not rescue the hairline that has receded. It instead stimulates hair growth. Yet scientists are still confused on how it works.

Minoxidil is offered in Theroxidil or Rogaine or in its generic shape. It is sold in foam or liquid and comes with 2 strengths: 2 percent and 5 percent.

Based on the feedback from the ones that have used this medication, it works in 2 out of 3 males. This shows how very effective it is, especially if you’re a man under the age of 40 and has recently started to experience hair loss.

When hair is dry, the medication is applied on the scalp area where hair is thin. With patience, you’ll not notice any changes in the next 4 months.

Minoxidil is not capale of curing baldness. Stopping the use of this product will also halt the hair growth production, not to mention you will lose hair again. It may even fall out faster than before.


This particular medication stops the body from making hormone the source of DHT or male pattern baldness. This medication is available through the brand name Propecia.

The effectiveness of this medication is high. It stops or slows the hair loss in almost 90 percent of men. About two-thirds of this number also get to see their hair grow again.

Unlike Minoxidil, this one is a pill. Generally you are to take this pill once per day. However, your dermatologist might recommend it together with using Minoxidil. However, just like minoxidil, it can’t cure hair loss. Stopping your take with it and you will experience hair loss again.

Males should be warned about hair growth with finasteride as it is reported to cause erectile dysfunction and many other side effects on the sexual field. If ever you experience this, stopping your intake with the medication will bring back your desire.

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