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Anchor Clamps for LV-ABC Accessories

The clamps are fashioned to secure LV-ABC lines with the insulated unbiased messenger. The clamp is made up of self-adjusting plastic wedges and an aluminum alloy cast body which assists in clamping the neutral messenger without causing any form of damage to its insulation. The flexible stainless steel ball that is protected by a plastic wear-resistant saddle allows the installation of clamps on a bracket. The bracket and the clamp are available either together or separately as assembly on


  • The brackets are fabricated from corrosion resistant aluminum alloy
  • Universal fixing of bracket by 2 bolts M14 or stainless steel straps of 20 x 0.7 mm
  • The clamp body is fabricated from corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, wedges of UV and weather resistant polymer bail of stainless steel.
  • The parts are not loosed
  • Tool-free installation

Suspension clamps for LV-ABC lines with insulated neutral messenger

The clamps are fashioned to suspend LV-ABC lines with insulated nonaligned messengers. The nonaligned messenger is fixed in a position by an adjustable grip tool. A movable link permits transversal and longitudinal movement of the clamp body.

Typical clamp version ES comes with a preinstalled bracket. The upper lump of the bracket provides some sort of security for the bracket, just so that the clamp does not turn it over. The clamps are also obtainable without brackets, this is the version PS and with a fuse link (ESF). A pole is useful in fixing the PS clamps by a bracket or pigtail hook.

Anchoring clamps for LV aerial connection, an insulating material with high mechanical and climatic strength.These anchor clamps are made to be fixed in holes of 4.75 and in panel thicknesses of 2.30 to 3.70 mm. With its clip-type safety, cables can be fixed and organized in a simple and safe way. They are very easy to open and close, which allows you to remove and put the cables again and again.

Anchor clamp locks provide a quick and convenient method for joining cables in light applications. These are reusable and releasable for easily grouping cables. It is designed to twist and lock wire bundles securely in place. Rounded ends will not catch or damage the cable insulation

The LV wire anchoring clamps consist of an open conical shaped body, a jaw made of two plastic wedges and a flexible handle. They are used for the shutdown of aerial round optical cables on distribution networks (range up to 90 m). The automatic tapered clamping does not require any installation tool and considerably reduces the installation time.

The range is available in two sleeve sizes: compact sheaths and short corners for lightweight cables, or standard sheaths and longer corners for heavier cables or larger capacities.

These anchor clamps are durable and long-lasting. This will ensure the continued operation of the LV cable for a long period of time. Maintenance work for these anchor clamps is also minimal as they are designed to be in continuous use for several years at a time. The main reason why buyers of these anchor clamp accessories keep getting them is that these anchor clamps are designed to stay put and keep the cables in place. For electrical engineers that want to purchase a well-made and strong anchor clamp, then these LV anchor clamp accessories are the ones that you should be getting. They can hold a considerable thickness of cables and they can also handle many different voltages as well.

The main use of LV aerial cables is in the telecommunications sectors. Therefore, that is where these anchor clamp accessories will be the most useful as well. Most telecommunications companies deploy LV bundled cables as part of their systems, and that is where these wires come into play. With the deployment of these LV cable wires, it will allow the company to bundle cables with no issue at all. LV cables that are bundled with these anchor clamp wires are the ones that will hold those cables in place.

Anchoring clamps for LV aerial connections, made of insulating material with high mechanical and climatic resistance. These are made for round insulated cables. This self-tightening clamp allows a precise and easy adjustment of the connection voltage.

A fastener with hook-type safety catches made of composite materials, with adjustable length position in both directions (adjustment stroke approximately 6 cm). Electricians can adjust that clamp based on their specifications. These clamps are designed to work with a variety of different kinds of cable systems, allowing them to be flexible in their use.

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